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Development of the name


Products are created in factories, brands are created in the minds of consumers. Vivid and accurate names are the names of the development taking into account the knowledge of understanding the target audience and the general consumer psychology. It is necessary to check the name on the characteristics of the sound and graphic perception, in order to avoid negative emotions and values​​.

We develop euphonious, imaginative, memorable and associative names. Should have such a name, which can become a brand in the minds of consumers.

Packaging Design and Product Label

Packaging & mdash; original brand advertising platform! It is able to report about the product more information than all the promotional material together. Package design and shape, material and manufacturing method, the ratio of all the elements of the image creation & mdash; must meet all tastes and needs of your target audience. Competent packaging design & mdash; is the key to communication between the producer and the consumer!

Logo Design

fierce competition between manufacturers for the attention of the consumer dictates the need to create memorable images from the first sight of presentations. These images contain graphic symbols, combined with the name of the brand, which serve as identification marks and do not require further explanation. Every time the user notices a sign, he immediately associates offered product with a known brand him. These signs are called logos.

Development of corporate identity

In today's marketing for a long time There is a rule: the organization or business that do not have their own & laquo; Face & raquo ;, doomed to failure. Every self-respecting company, marketing, prepares strategy of positioning their products, creating a memorable image to consumers, reflecting the idea and philosophy of the legend.

Do you want to create a brand recognized by your customers at first sight? Are you interested in the empowerment of promotional activities and successful marketing policy?

In order to achieve long-term results in the successful positioning of the products or services your company needs to take care of creating your own corporate style!

Brand development company

Brand development & mdash; laborious and multi-faceted business process in the company, and we & mdash; your steady creative partner. We decide keysovye marketing objectives for the development of the product concept: a new brand, new product group or category, product upgrades, repositioning.

For corporate branding, we provide a variety of services on creative concepts, if the concept of the brand you have formed. We believe that to develop a full-fledged corporate brand strategy without implementation of the company marketing experts impossible.

And your company is interested in the growing popularity and gaining respect and trust from customers and partners? You want to take and hold the top position in its market segment? Then the first step to success & mdash; is competent branding! Only in the process of creating all the attributes worthy of your company will gain a recognizable and memorable person.

design and creation of brand book

Looking for an effective way to create a recognizable brand? Tired to explain to staff rules of positioning the company in different situations? Want to simplify the process of developing promotional products your company?

So, it's time to create a corporate manual containing the foundations of philosophy and ethics of the company, designed the logo and the rules for the use of corporate style!

So the counselor and an indispensable guide for all employees of the company will be Brand-book (brand book). His presence will prevent errors designers creating for your brand advertising products, save time all your employees, and therefore, reduce the budgetary costs of the enterprise!

Design brochures and catalogs

Design printing materials & mdash; it is a strategic tool for communication with business partners or end user. We are ready to make any tactical stuff & mdash; quickly and conveniently. Or we can develop a system of printing materials company. It is not difficult, but very useful.

Corporate wall calendar

According to marketers original wall calendars with the corporate brand style and recognizable way contributes to consumer confidence in the products and services of the company. A formation of a positive attitude towards the company, as we know, leads to an increase in demand for its products!


POS-materials & mdash; materials is conducive to the promotion of a brand or product in the field of sales. We will help you plan the layout of points of sale (even on a modest budget) and successfully promote the product. We will help you gather dealer package with promotional materials ever invented, will plan, calculate, draw, perform, sort the right amount of cities, and deliver to your warehouse.

Sales-presenter (Sales-presenter)

Sales-presenter & mdash; key to improving sales effectiveness. For each sales representative presenter is the most convenient tool. In addition to image information about the product, presenter must include:

  1. small excerpt of the market place and the product described in the market field (excerpts finished studies or data from your company);
  2. photos of the products with the description, including the generated barcodes;
  3. your planogram for merchandising calculations;
  4. logistics table packing carton.

    This information will help in the presenter dealer engage in a constructive conversation with the retailer.

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